Colin Alcock

The who behind the me.

A life of simple pleasures

Basically I'm a family man who enjoys all its members, cast from Scotland to the South Coast, both closely familial and extended through their various relationships. I believe that the simple things in life bring the most pleasure and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about anything out of my reach. Mind you, I have been known to have my say when the need arises and to put forward strong views in socio-political discussion.

A 'Brummie' by birth, but now living outside the City borders, I left St Philip's Grammar School (with limited academic success) to set out on a career in advertising and marketing, covering all aspects of the business during a span of over 50 years.

It was a career I enjoyed, taking me into many walks of life for a diverse variety of clients and bringing me in touch with a wide populace, literally from tramps to royalty and across continents.

While my freelance work added the disciplines of graphic and web design, my greater period was as a media specialist and copywriter, during which it was the latter skill that underlaid my progress in promoting international, national and local brand names. For this I mostly wrote just a few lines at a time and rarely more than a few pages - even if the accumulation may have run into several thousands. Privately, over the years, I penned a few stories - some on a whim, some for my grandchildren, some more seriously thought out - and composed the odd poem or two (though nothing to match the prolific works of my late brother, John Alcock (1937 – 2018) who was a recognised poet, especially in Warwickshire and the Midlands). All were solely for my own or family's enjoyment. So, on retirement, I thought I would try something a bit longer.

My first work,
'Tuna on Tuesdays' was just meant as a writing exercise, but once completed, it seemed a shame to merely consign its characters to languish in a dusty drawer - or worse, confined to magnetic digits giddily spinning on some backup hard drive - so the work was released to the world as a Kindle book. It's a quiet read, meant primarily for a more mature generation, but with an otherwise wide, general appeal.

To follow that, a more ambitious work culminated in
'A Darkness of Voices', a light thriller that plots the events of a couple, Paul and Giules, caught up in the fringes of crime and drawn deeper into danger as they try to expose the perpetrators of a vicious attack and an abduction. That's also a Kindle book.

Both books are now also available as
Amazon paperback editions.

At the end of 2017, I published
'Dandelion Days', a collection of short stories, flash fiction and a little poetry, culled from pieces I have written across the years, plus a few more recent works. Some of the content is mirrored on this website, and, like all all my books, is available in Paperback or Kindle formats from Amazon.

August 2018 saw the latest novel published 'The Spider Man' and this is a dark story of a man fascinated by spiders, a missing girl and a detective trying to find her, who follows a complex trail that leads to an unexpected confrontation. Again available on
Amazon as a Kindle read or paperback.

To round off a diverse portfolio of simple creativity, there's a dedicated section showing some of my photographs (mainly personal)and a few, short, home-spun videos.

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Just launched – March 2019

The Schooling Chair
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