Colin Alcock

Verbal Ramblings.

Write what you like …

To me, writing is a pleasure, to some it is a chore. The effort needed to produce erudite prose or emotional poetry can be wearing and the thought of rejection off-putting. But every word is worth it.

Having lived by the word, as a copywriter, I had to toil away to strict demands, but since retirement I have rediscovered the joy in writing purely for pleasure. Something I rarely had time for, before. Now, I have a small audience and don't crave for fame, with those who enjoy what I write and those who are critical. I welcome the criticism. It's like medicine: hard to swallow and might leave a bitter taste at first, but makes me a better writer in the end. (Except for when I totally disagree, of course.)

The other thing I have I discovered is the huge spectrum of writers and wide gamut of genres open to all. The Internet has been strategic in this, allowing many more to express their creative ability to much wider audiences, even when rejection by traditional publishing may have proven a deterrent. Online competitions and magazines give that extra platform for those of us who may never reach the dizzy heights of best seller stardom. Nevertheless, however small a personal readership, striving for the best is always the aim and I've come across some little gems by unheard of authors through trawling the web pages – and not always the competition winners, often amongst the also rans and unlisted, too.

So if there is a moral to my rambling, it's simple: #keepwriting. If you enjoy writing it, it will probably be enjoyed by others. being selected for publication is just a matter of someone's taste or maybe some marketing guidelines. That doesn't mean there's no audience for your work. You just have to find the like minded, whether you write simply for fun, like me, or wish to launch some academically exciting literary masterpiece on the world.

Write what you like. Someone else will like it, too.