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Is Trump really a robot?

I am not that deep into US politics, but like anyone who watches news programmes, the coverage of Trump's term as President intrigues me. It's not just his lack of political experience – or acumen – that keeps me wondering how so many of the American public were fooled into voting for him; more that the Republican Party (albeit with many internal objectors) let its credibility be torn apart. Now, with the FBI naming names for Russian interference in the electoral process, it makes me wonder, in this cyber age, just how far can a foreign power go? (Or anyone with cyber mischief intent?)

I look at President Trump and think: is he real? The robotic arm waving, the lizard like eye flicking, the static poses between phrases, the disproportioned hands, the parrot like repetition of statements, the unstable gait down steps and slopes. Has someone assembled this character from a kit of parts, programmed to make a joke of the all American dream? Someone guaranteed to bring the US down, by delivering a brief bubble in the economy that will surely burst before the next presidential term is due. There are signs. That flap of hair is easily lifted for access to the inner workings of his brain assembly, to swop out a chip or two, when ready to send him into truly destructive mode. His inability to maintain political conversation with his aides, sacking them if they actually offer a differing opinion, regardless of that opinions worth, and ignoring anything that is outside the program set in his firmware: even when it is obvious that the majority of US voters (who would have preferred Clinton, anyway) would welcome some compromise, some change of direction, or a less aggressive stance on individual issues. Issues like The Wall, the Dreamers, skewed Immigration Restrictions and Healthcare. And the frequent, mostly unjustified, Obama and Clinton bashing: two people who contributed greatly to overall US prosperity and its status amongst foreign powers. Alas, it seems the robot's AI is not fully formatted, yet.

Who would do such a thing. The Putin – Trump relationship looks a little strained and the signs of interference are there with "Putin's chef", Yevgeny Prigozhin, quite happy to be seen as the devil. However, has their technology advanced enough in the field of robotics? China is certainly a contender, where that is concerned: also Japan and maybe North Korea, if its advances match those of the South of the peninsula. Who would really benefit and from how far afield could they pull the puppet strings?

OK, so maybe I'm not too serious in my comments, but the underlining factor is that today's cyber technologies can reach far. Using just the ubiquitousness of social and networking media can prove as dangerous as any direct hacking. Because even real, live humans can denigrate, mislead and generally spout nonsense, without needing more than a simple app to do so. There are many causes doing that already, besides the empirically lacking Presidential Twitter outbursts we have seen.

Trump is only human, after all, so lets not blame foreign powers on his version of presidency. However, be aware that the insidious infiltration of dark matter is all around us, from both internal and foreign soils. Religious fanatics, gender interpreters, political persuaders and straight forward marketing ploys, all exploit the social media ether. The social media of friendly banter and activity exchange has been invaded heavily and we should all be aware of this. All its streams are now used as tools to browbeat the weak, the hesitant and those afraid to stand up for themselves – both individuals and companies. Yes, even an organisation as big as Center Parcs shows its weakness, getting all het up because someone accuses the Daily Mail of homophobia, all because one correspondent, very carefully and totally inoffensively, expressed a personal view on parenting. So Center Parcs pulls its advertising from that newspaper, which implies it is not in favour of free speech and the right to state your individual opinion (something that Trump is not afraid to do).

If true, that's a PC step too far, for me – assuming I am allowed to say so.

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