Colin Alcock

Verbal Ramblings.

Last words

I have just had a birthday. Another year to add to my tally and time to take stock again. What do I still do that's worth doing? Well, for one my writing has become more concentrated on short pieces, although I will still be publishing my latest novel,'The Spider Man' in a month or so, but my infrequent verbal ramblings have run their course. So, in the next week or two, the blog section of this website will disappear. When I do want to say something, it will appear on the home page, where I currently highlight new stories and may occasionally add a featured image.

All other sections will remain and I will chop and change these from time to time, as new material is produced or historic works are recycled. So there will still be a fluidity to what appears. For those who do visit the website, every now and then, be assured that I will continue to develop it over time. Maybe just a little more slowly. However, the only way for you to confirm that will be to drop in every month or so, to find new material; or as often as you like to read and re-read, or view, the current writing and images.

I may be reducing the output, but I'm not going away.