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Colours in Darkness book cover
The Schooling Chair
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Beech tree copse in winter

Where no one can trespass

It’s where my soul lives. In the almost silence of the beech copse, under the green leaves of summer, the deep reds, russets and golds of autumn, the bare limbs of winter and the budding finery of spring.
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Waiting for Sam

I look up at the window of the smallest bedroom, as I always do when I pull onto the drive. He’s been there five years now. Sun faded straw-coloured nylon fur …
Elderly woman at laptop

A mistaken identity

Carys, half-blinded by the tears in her eyes as she typed her tweet, clicked a hashtag suggestion from the drop-down list and sent it winging into the ether. …
Female singer

Kaine Rayne

Kaine Rayne was a singer. Born Katharine Ryan. Backing group, three friends from schooldays. You guessed it: the Humbrellas. …
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