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Amateur Status

Although I have taken photographs professionally, I'm not a professional photographer.

While my lens work has been associated with PR, copywriting and web design, in the projects I used to undertake, what appears in each of the four galleries below, are personal pictures that appeal to me, many taken with Canon pocket compact cameras, some with more capable Canon gear and all chosen for their visual appeal rather than any technical merit.

I have, however, tried to avoid the family holiday snaps!

Over time, these galleries will change, with the addition of new (and hopefully better) images, while others may be culled.

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This month's featured images

Sailing at dusk, Earlswood.
Sailing at dusk, Earlswood.
Sailing at dusk, Earlswood.

Sailing close to dusk on a calm autumn evening at Earlswood Lakes in Warwickshire.

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Animals and Nature

This collection includes wildlife and domestic animals, plants and general nature.

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By the Sea

A gallery of coastal scenes mostly from Cornwall and Wales.

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Objects, Places and Art

Images that cross categories, simple objects and artistic interpretations of original photographs.

Evesham valley farming.

Mainly Landscapes

Photographs taken at various locations around the British countryside.

All the images on this website are subject to copyright and, except for occasional use of library material for graphic effect, belong to me. However, anyone is free to use any of the images from the galleries, at the resolution at which they can be copied, provided acknowledgment of the copyright is given.