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Black has no colour …

The poem on this website, "Black has no colour" is a serious attempt at putting equality into perspective. There are many disadvantaged sectors of humanity and the black element are at the forefront of the current news, following the brutality and alleged murder of George Floyd, by police, and the Black Lives Matter movement. And, of course, black lives do matter. All lives matter, but some caution must be held against swinging the pendulum too far.

We have long seen discrimination against many people of different ethnicities and religious persuasions. And such discrimination should be heartily condemned. But, I have also noted some so called 'positive discrimination' which puts colour or creed above ability and suitability. Quotas that claim to add diversity, yet actually destroy natural equalisation by weighing the balance of choice unfavourably.

If you read the poem, and examine its statements, you will see that its intent is slightly utopian. Unfortunately, there will always be the bigoted minority amongst every sect and in every nation, so it's time for the moderate many to come calmly forward ready to educate future generations. To teach them a more welcoming stance of equality and tolerance. It's time to disarm the prejudices of our forebears and build a caring and trusting society that recognises that we don't choose how we are born, but we can choose how we live. And that should be peaceably, tolerantly and with the integrity of putting a person's true worth as the finite measure, above appearance or belief.

Hopefully, we will move forward on racial and religious issues, not that I expect to see a great deal of change in the remainder of my lifetime, but it is definitely incumbent on the next generation to continue to eradicate the horrific elements that create the tensions of today.
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