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Hands being washed

Coronavirus can teach us another lesson

The current pandemic has been a shock to everyone and should prove a wake up call to many. We've seen panic buying without willingness to share. We've seen price hiking to make a monetary killing of sufferers and locked down communities, far greater than the deaths from the virus. And loss of life from coronavirus that is extremely sad for whole families.

Yet there is one thing more dangerous than the virus, itself. Us. Especially those of us who flaunt the guidelines. But more than that, if we put the present pandemic into perspective, the deaths it causes are relatively minor to what we bring upon ourselves, through territorial and religious wars, greed and criminality. We are our own greatest enemy. We are the greatest perpetrators of needles deaths.

Against that, it's welcoming to see how communities draw together to alleviate the distress of current times. In war zones this in't allowed, as the majority of citizens are trodden on by governments, not aided. Perhaps it's time to reconsider our life values, stand up more for peace and sincerity in what we do. Not to ask for more than our fair share. To value people more for who they are, not how much they own, what toys they show off with or the greed they display in hoarding wealth far beyond what they can use.

We will come out of the current lockdown, it won't last for ever, and, hopefully it will be a long time before such stringent measures are required again. But during this time, let's all think how we can make life easier for many, better for ourselves and avoid the interminable conflicts that seem to be the greater measure of deaths, apart from natural causes, that cause grief all around the world.

Let's just be better, more considerate and tolerant people.

And also, in the meantime, please keep social distancing and washing hands.

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