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Evolution Cartoon

Is mankind regressing?

Darwin and is chums may have provided the clues, the theories and the most laudable proof to the evolution of man, but we still look back for that vital missing link. The actual moment when a primordial mammal not just walked upright, but developed human brainpower. The power to think beyond what could be seen. The one distinguishing factor that marks us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. And the one we use to invent all sorts of new technology to benefit the world – and to destroy it.

Not that we really need inventions to cause destruction. Nature is quite capable of doing that on its own. But there's always the greedy few who want the power to expand material or religious empires and wipe away any who dissent their egotistic gains. Some even want to take us back to the dark ages. The days of monolithic societies, ruled by one and slow to advance. A regression from the catholicity of society that embraces difference, encourages change for the better and brings rich colour to our lives.

Yet, there is also a danger in flying too fast. There will always be the crank and there will always be the genius amongst us. Sometimes, it becomes confusing to decide which is which; in government, in science or in the arts. So, isn't it wiser to to listen to the consensus and not kowtow to the minority, out of fear of upsetting them? But don't we tend to do the latter, these days?

We see fads and fashions all along the way, but are some dangerous to our species? Perhaps we need to examine more closely who we really are and where our frailties lie? I accept that there are many who feel uncomfortable with society's established norms, but do we all look seriously at why they are there? We change our lifestyles, tamper with our bodies, but do we do it for hedonistic reasons or with genuine purpose?

We've also created a world of mass, intrusive, communication, which can play on minds and can destroy the weak. Some might say that just proves the fittest still survive. But are all the perpetrators of aggressive trolling really fit to be in this world? Or are we overusing our powers of communication, our social media insinuation, without thought to the real dangers they bring beyond brief enjoyment?

We are already seeing signs of longevity reducing rather that increasing, and the pressures on the younger generations affecting both physical and mental health. Productivity is the whipping boy, robotics its sibling, but are we growing like dinosaurs in wealth creation before humanitarian need. And we know what happened to them, if not how. A calamitous event, a virus, desolation of their habitat? We've been steadily destructing ours. And we are much closer to pandemic destruction than ever before.

The ever branching web of evolution is wondrous. But are there already signs we are planning our own extinction, just through the way we live?

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