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Oh, Mr Cummins,
what have you done?

Wrong kind of isolation

Dominic Cummings may say he has no regrets, but I'm sure he has. Having opened himself to criticism and, indeed, some derision from public and peers alike, he must be feeling a little sore at the outcome. For a man in his position, charged with aiding the Government in its decisions, he is proving a a dangerous colleague, and not for the first time, shown an arrogance that is not welcomed by many.

While I do not berate him for thinking of his family, first, and wanting to protect them, he obviously did not think his actions through thoroughly at the start. He admits he didn't explore all local options, but set out on a five-hour journey that itself posed a serious risk to his family and others. If he stopped he could spread a suspected disease. If, as he says, he drove non-stop, he was indeed risking the kind of fatigue that kills. He was lucky, but had he had an accident, even a simple vehicle stoppage, he would have put emergency workers at risk, and had there been a major accident, even more so; with especial danger to his presumably sleeping four year old. And what if the unwell Mary Cummings had succumbed to more serious symptoms on the way?

Then again, before returning to London and knowing his driving ability might be suspect, he puts the precious toddler back in his car and takes him for a thirty mile round trip. Wasn't the purpose of driving to Durham to have someone there to look after him? And not being able to remember whether or not he stopped for petrol on the way back, sounds like a covering of tracks, not well thought out, either. How far can you drive his vehicle on one tank full, at motorway speeds plus London streets? Bad decisions. We all make them at times, but going on to admit he's made quite a few mistakes in his advice capacity, too, how fit is Mr Cummings to retain his position?

I hope his "confession" is investigated more and that more light is shed on his self-admitted advisory mistakes.

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