These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
You'll find more poems in my collection of short works, "Dandelion Days", available as Paperback or a Kindle read from Amazon.
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Black and white jigsaw pieces

Black has no colour

Racist behaviour is to be condemned and eliminated, but we should also be aware that, in giving those of different ethnicity or religious persuasion the full rights they deserve, we must never lose sight of balancing that across the whole population. (NB Written with a rapper's voice in mind.)
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Flooded woodland

Days Before Spring

Floods have their own majesty, but what is revealed when the waters sink back to the rivers is even more impressive.
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Seeds of Greed

Greed can prove disastrous for anyone and can ruin whole nations. Especially when small envies escalate.
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White against blue

A soaring seagull lifts the heart, imbued with the freedom of the skies, belying the mischief its kind can cause ashore.
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