These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
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Black has no colour

Black has no colour
Neither has white,
Both should have
An equal right.
Judge no one
By colour of face,
Or because they come
From a different race.

And for all the colours
That come in between,
Division of these
Should never have been.
And shame on those
In complicity
Of dividing us
By ethnicity.

We’ve a right to protest
To make it all fair,
Put rules to the test
To show we care.
And include those, too,
With a different form
Of gender or religion
From established norm.

We may not agree,
But we must understand,
They all have the right
To their life in this land.
As a Christian country
We should tolerate,
And not condone
Prejudicial hate.

For now is the time
We should educate,
Ourselves, our children.
It’s never too late.
Black lives matter
And so do white,
We must learn to get
The balance right.

Judge each other
On our ability
So we become
A single entity.
No false quotas
Or favours given,
As other chasms
Will then be riven.

Black has no colour
Neither has white
Bring equality
Back into our sight.
Create a balance
That’s fair both ways
And end these sordid
Race hate days.

Black has no colour
Neither has white
For we are all one,
Get rid of the blight.
Live by the law
Of equality
And a brighter future
For all, will be.

The yin-yang balance
Of society,
We’re born to be
Black has no colour
Neither has white
All of us have
Have an equal right.
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