These poems mostly have a more serious note or an emotional view of a place or situation.
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Days Before Spring

Where, one day before,
green pastureland rolled gently
to the silver sparkle of a river,
a cloud reflecting lake now ripples,
right to the edge of the wood,
and, lapping trunks,
playing between roots,
it slowly advances, as a stream,
along the furrow of the footpath;
even though storm cloud rain
has ceased to batter nearby hills.

Overhead, a pallid sun
breaks through scudding cloud,
gusty wind blowing hard,
through a leafless tracery
of branch and twig,
while beneath this stark canopy,
a soft bed of mulching leaves and litter,
laid down from autumn’s scattered fall,
is pierced by green shoots,
emerging cautiously, for fear of frost,
in wait for winter’s end.

Chill gusts disperse the little warmth,
too soon, as yet, to shed
those winter coats, those scarves
and insulating underlayers,
while along a further woodland edge,
sloping down to the meandering lane,
daffodils stand tall,
bowed heads furled, tipped in yellow,
waiting for sun’s warmth
to burst them open
in a fanfare of golden trumpets.

At this far edge, too,
a smile of snowdrops
lifts many a heart,
a vanguard of the spring to come,
when burgeoning undergrowth
will take on many hues,
the fullness of buds will break into leaf
and the wood will shine,
a beacon of yellow-green hues,
amongst the many shades
of springtime flowers.

The lake so calm, in temporary glory,
will shrink back within its guiding banks
and muddy sediment will dry.
Then, with meadowland restored,
will come a hum of bees,
the chatter of sparrows,
strident notes of robin and blackbird,
cooing of dove, caw of the crow,
clacking of jackdaws
and busy nest building
for all their feathered families.

A scuttering of rabbits, boxing hares
and a frolic of lambs,
gambolling across green swards,
will bring new life to the fields,
as clear blue skies
chase away the winter’s grey,
and softer showers will glisten leaves,
sunshine warm deep into the soil,
stirring seed and corm,
nurturing the bounty, the harvest,
that a glowing summer brings.

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