Colin Alcock

Home-spun videos.


These short videos are for amusement only.
They where all produced from clips taken on either a simple trail camera
or one or more of several Canon compact cameras I have owned.

At least they are are a little more fun than
the numerous commercial projects I used to produce,
almost invariably involving noisy machinery
and the technical descriptions of each product's sales advantages.

All videos are HD and can be played full screen.


Please don't eat me!
Lambs at play at Baddesley Clinton, Warwickshire

Two Dams
A brief look at two of the Elan Valley dams – Autumn 2017:
Pen-y-Garreg overflowing and Caban Coch under pipework repair.

The Local Fantastic Beasts
A roughly compiled selection of garden visitors during winter 2017.

This was the first video from a trail camera mounted in the back garden.

This was a test to show that even imperfect footage can be made into something watchable.

Whistlers and Water Lovers
Produced from some brief holiday clips of a walk alongside the Afon Nyfer estuary in Newport, Pembrokeshire.

An early attempt, produced from trail-cam footage over several days, with the camera moved to different viewpoints.

Who's out there tonight?
Watch who prowls the garden while we sleep.

More trail-cam footage from multi positions around the garden through Spring and Summer 2014.

Nature Note: Herons - The Movie
A combined edit of three original videos shot on a Canon compact camera at Malvern Pool, Solihull.