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Released last year, With Only The Waves As Witness is my latest full length novel and another page turner that twists its way to its dénouement, through coastal and town locations in Cornwall, southern Ireland and northern France, with added drama in the Celtic Sea. Click or tap the image above to find out more. It joins eight other titles of novels, novellas and shorter work compilations.


The books I write cover a diversity of genres and are aimed simply at providing entertaining reads, rather than great literary works. Novels you can bury yourselves in for escapist pleasures and compilations of shorter works that showcase a plethora of mood teasers. There's drama, there's humour, there's the joy of living, the despair of death, in the present and in the future, plus a few much darker tales that cross the line from our world to those we only imagine – or perhaps prefer not too.

No heavy reading. Just books to enjoy.

But the books aren't the end of the story. There are tales as yet unpublished and some published elsewhere on lit-mag websites, including The Cabinet of Heed, Reflex Press, The Molotov Cocktail, Ad Hoc Fiction, and Paragraph Planet. And while some new writing will appear first on this website, other stories plucked from my books, or previously published elsewhere, might also be highlighted from time to time.

All the titles found here are just to give you a taste of what you will find in Paperback or Kindle eBook formats direct from
Amazon, with some also listed online at Waterstones.

Short stories or flash fiction for those whose life is a whirl.

On the Shorts page you'll find shorter works, which will sometimes be an entirely new story or one not published in any of the compilations. Maybe, even, an extract from one of the novels, or perhaps just a story from way back in the archives, that some might not have read before. It's always worth taking a look.

Click or tap your way through this website to discover more.

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